Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pairs Hilton in Supernatural

Thanks for the article from Isaiah Gaines.It has become more common for famous actors to show up on TV shows in cameo bits. Some have been funny, others wonderful, some just really poor but then there are some that are fantastic. One of the best cameos on a TV series has to be when Paris Hilton came to the show Supernatural. It was hysterically funny especially when one of the main characters of Dean Winchester ended up being beaten up by Paris Hilton. The character was Paris Hilton in the episode of season 5 called “Fallen Idols,” but instead of just being herself it ended up she was an evil forest god. She worked well pretending to herself but instead got to beat up the characters, attempts to eat several characters and kept the Paris Hilton charm the entire episode which made the episode even funnier when they had to decapitate her at the end with the line of “Dude, you got just whaled on by Paris Hilton.”
Over all it was a simple episode but truly amusing with the characters and Paris Hilton working well together. I was glad that Supernatural has been shown in high deflation through my satellite company allowing me to view it in all the clarity it was filmed in.

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