Sunday, January 16, 2011

Neebo giving away 100,000 textbooks!

Are you a college student or know of one who is in the search of some cheap text books?  I know that was one thing I really did not like paying for.  But, there is no way around it so I have found a great deal for you! :) is giving you a chance to use one of 100,000 textbooks without paying an initial rental fee — you just pay for shipping which will will cost you about $7.99, which is way better than those outrageous $200 books!  So if you are interested this is what you need to do...
Don't forget after the semester is over to make sure you follow the instructions that you will receive with the original shipment.  All of the information you need is also found here. Return the textbook to Neebo postmarked by 5/20/11 with the return shipping label that can be found and printed here.

*One free textbook rental per person. The number of textbooks of available titles that are being offered rent-free is limited. The remaining number of each of the available rent-free titles is listed here. If there are no boxes marked “rent for free” for your desired textbook, then the supply of that specific rent-free textbook is gone. Keep in mind that fees may be assessed if the textbook is not returned postmarked by 5/20/11 or if the textbook is returned in a damaged condition.

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