Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bebe Bella Designs Review Plus Free $10 for everyone! :)

This is a Review Post and all opinions are 100% mine.  This product was given to me by www.bebebelladesigns.com.  I have received no compensation except that of the product.   Please read below about my experience!
This baby blanket is super soft.  It is made of great quality and I am very excited to be able to recommend it to you.  I would have preferred that the blanked was just a little bit bigger, but it is perfect for newborns.  It is 15x15 which is also great for on the go uses and in the car.  I have the blue one and I love the color.  I just can't get over how soft the material is.  Any baby would fall right asleep on it. The double sided blankee still kept a soft texture even after I washed it.  This is a great product for anyone with a baby or just looking for a soft blanket.
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