Saturday, November 7, 2009


WOW! WOW! WOW! I am loving Wal*Mart today!!!!!!!!!

Last night I was at Wal*Mart trying to get a good deal on some candles I had a coupon for. The candles were WAY over priced though and one of the associates told me that the costumes were all only $2! I decided to go look with the idea in mind that I might pick up just a couple for next year. When I was over there the manager got on the speaker and said, "All Halloween items are just $1" people started running over. Then a few minutes later he says, "$1 I mean 50 cents." What?!?? Ahhh... I was grabbing all kinds of costumes. Another minutes later he says, "Did I say 50 cents? I mean 25 cents." Everyone came running it was crazy. And if you think that is a good deal...he got back on the intercom..."Did I say 25 cents? I mean 10 cents." Wow!! I have never seen so many people run from who knows where? All of there Halloween items were on one ilse and everyone was grabbing whatever they could get their hands on!! Lucky for me I had my mom with me, I was running and grabbing things and brining them back to her...Luckily I had been looking at the Halloween products when they were $2, I was able to get a bunch of goodies. We ended up worn out with two baskets full. When we got to the checkout line the total came to
$20.18 not bad for 196 items!
Pictures are coming soon!

*Check out your Wal*Mart for this great deal! There was still stuff left at mine! I got candy, costumes, decorations, plates, t-shirts!!!! & there is still more! All 10 cents!! I am thinking of running back by today for one last look over! The Wal*Mart manager said MANY other wal*marts are doing this at different ahead to check with your Wal*Mart! But for 10 cents I wouldn't waste time calling around! THIS IS AN AWESOME DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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